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Each game is currently limited to 2 players (you and your opponent). Future versions of the app may include group messaging games, send us a note if you're interested in this feature!
These are the matches you and your opponent have collected. Your matches are always on the left side of the screen and closest to your hand. The number of matches is displayed on top of the pile.
To ask for a card tap the card to raise it out of your hand, tap a second time to confirm and ask your opponent.
If you draw the card you were fishing for your turn will continue. You will see the draw screen with a Match! Play On message.
In this case the match will be placed in your pile and a point awarded but your turn will end.
Prior to iOS 11, iMessage apps could not send messages automatically. Upgrade to the latest release of iOS for all the latest features and enhancements.
There are many variations to the rules of Go Fish, we opted for ones that worked for all ages and for two players. Players are dealt 6 cards each, pairs (2 cards that match) are layed down and can't be taken by their opponent. Players take turns asking for a specific card, if their opponent has it they must give it up, if they don't the asking player must draw or Go Fish. If the card asked for is drawn, the player's turn continues, if they draw another match it is laid down and the player ends their turn. Otherwise the drawn card is added to the players hand and the other player begins their turn.
The game will end on any of the following events: a player runs out of cards, the deck runs out of cards or a player reaches 14 matches. Once the game ends the player with the most matches win.
The game was specifically designed for the iMessage platform on iOS. Currently there is nothing similar in the Android ecosystem. If you are interested in a full app version for Android let us know below!